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Rock Guitar 101 Lesson Package on DVD $29.95 Item Description The Rock Guitar 101 Package by Jody Worrell is a collection video lessons for electric guitar that are designed to teach you the basics of playing rock n’ roll. We’ll start off by teaching you some rhythm techniques that will really enhance your sound when [...]

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Rock Guitar Book Deluxe Book/CD/DVD $15.95 Item Description The Rock Guitar Book Deluxe Edition by Peter Vogl is the follow up course to the Electric Guitar Deluxe Edition. You will learn more advanced rock & roll rhythm, scales (Minor Pentatonic ) up and down the neck, how to use the scales to create licks, then [...]

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The Up the Neck Improvisation Package by Geoff Hohwald will teach you how to create and modify banjo licks up the fretboard. The licks are taught out of basic chord shapes and can be moved around to work in different keys or songs. This is a great way to spice up your playing and become [...]