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Gold Tone clawhammer banjos are a line of banjos designed for players who prefer the clawhammer or frailing style of playing. These banjos typically have an open-back design, which produces a softer, warmer sound compared to the resonator-style banjos used in bluegrass. Gold Tone offers a variety of clawhammer banjos, from entry-level options to professional-grade instruments, that are known for their high-quality construction, rich tone, and affordability. These banjos often feature a scooped fingerboard, which allows for easier playing in the frailing style. Many musicians appreciate the unique character and versatility of Gold Tone clawhammer banjos, which can be used in a range of musical genres beyond just old-time and folk music.

$ 1,299.99

New Gold Tone Bob Carlin BC 350 5 string Openback Clawhammer Style Banjo.  Pro Quality Clawhammer Banjo with Scoop at a Fantastic Value!!!

$ 899.99

New Gold Tone CB100 5 string Openback Clawhammer Style Banjo with Frailing Scoop.  At under $1000 this will serve the needs of the Clawhammer Banjo Player while delivering extraordinary Value!!!