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1976 Music Man Stingray Guitar Pre Production Model

1976 Music Man Stingray Guitar Pre Production Model

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1976 Music Man Stingray Guitar.  Includes Hardshell Case.  This is one of the first guitars made by Music Man in the mid 1970’s.  This is all original.  Call Today 404-372-5482


1976 Music Man Stingray Guitar

This 1976 Music Man Stingray Guitar is one of the first instruments made by Music Man.  This has an ash body with a maple neck.  The finish is natural.  This is all original.  There are two hum bucker pickups that both work.  The electronics are original with a 2 band eq and switch.  The preamp is an active preamp.  The body is not dated and the only pot with a visible date is from 1976.  This was made by Leo Fender and George Fullerton for an employee at the Music Man company in 1976.  This was made before Music Man began production of any guitars or basses

There are no body or neck dates which indicates that this was a custom job.  The pick guard is also white which indicates this is very early.  Most of the pick guards for these were black.  The headstock logo has a TM instead of an R.  This also indicates that this was early.

Plus there is a letter of provenance from the original owner that outlines the history of the guitar.  She also included several Music Man catalogs and price lists which are all clean.  The serial number is G001017 and Music Man Started at G001000.  The first 16 guitars were made as salesman samples and for Namm.  This was the first guitar made by Music Man that was not a promotional guitar.


This is very clean.  The guitar basically sat under a bed in Newport Beach California since the mid 1970’s  The frets are in great shape.  The neck is straight and all of the electronics work.  This plays great and sounds incredible.  Two of the pots have some oxidation and 1 is clean.  I believe this is because the volume pot had to be replaced early on.  This is all original and in excellent condition. This also includes a hardshell case which I believe is original but I do not know for sure.

This is a very important piece of history.  This was a custom job that was done for a Music Man employee.  There is a letter of provenance and the story makes sense.  This is a wonderful find and is all original and in great shape.  Everything works and this plays great.


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1975 Music Man Stingray Guitar


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