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1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob

1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob

$ 10,000.00

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In stock

1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob with White Pickguard and a clean original hard case and a load of case candy.  This also is a first year 1976 Radio Knob that happens to have the serial number B001976.  This is the Collector’s Dream Package period, this includes an original tag, original polishing cloth, 4 original straps, a few catalogs and a 1976 print ad for the Radio Knob Music Man Stingray Bass.

We have more Pre Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Basses for sale than any store on earth.  AND I DON’T ASK $10,000 FOR STINGRAY BASSES OFTEN.  Please check out my site to see a lot of vintage and Ernie Ball Stingray basses and parts.

1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob

This bass is oozing with tone, mojo, function, playability and collectability.  This was made in September of 1976 and was made in the first production run at Music Man.  This has the rare very early sunburst finish that is sort of a chocolate sunburst.  That is original.  This also has the rare original White Pickguard and the super rare original Radio Knobs.  They only made a couple hundred basses in 1976 and not many of those got radio knobs.  This is extremely rare.  This also has the TM marking on the headstock decal which is also something that was only done in the very beginning.  An R later replaced that TM at the headstock.  Plus this is string through body and has an epoxy covered preamp.

If you look through the pictures you will see the underside of the pickups and the poles are large and long.  There is also a deep cavity under the pickups.  All sound is created from vibration and the extra long poles going deep into the body pick up the vibrations in a different and more full way so that does create a deeper tone.

In addition there was a part on the original preamp that was made by a company that went out of business in early 1977 and this is the first generation preamp.  Not all epoxy preamps are first generation in fact most are not.  This one is.  Plus all of the pots are dated to 1976 because it is covered, you can’t make out the code on the center pot but it has other codes that match Music Man.

This 1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob bass is ultra rare and is an exceptional instrument.  The neck is in fantastic shape and the frets do have light wear but not much.  

On top of all of this of all the basses the B001976 serial number could fall on was a first year 1976 bass with all of these rare features.  And the bass is very clean.  CALL TODAY 404-372-5482

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