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1977 Mocha Music Man Stingray Bass

1977 Mocha Music Man Stingray Bass

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In stock

1977 Mocha Music Man Stingray Bass.  The bass is Walnut and all original with an epoxy dipped preamp and a nice tolex case that is probably vintage.  We have more Pre Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Basses for sale than any store on earth.   Please check out our site to see our selection.

1977 Mocha Music Man Stingray Bass

This is a 1977 which means that not only is it an early Stingray bass but the preamp is at least an earlier generation and this also has poles on the pickups that extend into the casing.  1977 pickups often have raised A and D poles and are “extended” into the casings and often are considerably more live.  These are those pickups.

This is definitely of the epoxy era which was done to prevent competitors from copying the revolutionary preamp design.  The epoxy covered preamps almost across the board are more alive than a non epoxy preamp.  This is that preamp.

The bass is clean but does have some sort of finish wear on the front  in a few spots which is very visible in the pictures.  Other than that I do mean fantastic shape all around.  I have the best set up and this is a fast player that feels wonderful in the hands.  All of the electronics are clean and working with no problem.

 The bass weighs 10 pounds and 9 ounces and the serial number is B004095.  The body is dated June 14 1977 and the neck is July 14 1977

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