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1977 Music Man Stingray Bass White Pickups

1977 Music Man Stingray Bass White Pickups

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In stock

1977 Music Man Stingray Bass with rare original white pickups and original hardshell case.  This is Pre Ernie Ball Bass that is very early.  The bass has been inspected and set up by the Stingray man.  All of our sales include Free Shipping and a Full Satisfaction Guarantee.  CALL TODAY 404-372-5482

1977 Music Man Stingray Bass White Pickups

This has a natural finish with an Alder body and a 1 piece maple neck.  Overall the bass is in fantastic condition.  There is some checking on the body and some light checking on the headstock.  There is also some very light buckle rash on the back of the body.  The bass is all original except for a brass nut.  This is definitely in clean condition and this has that classic Stingray Sound.

The earlier Stingray Basses have an epoxy preamp and the “John Holmes” long pole pickups which this bass features.  This leads to some more body depth and “Boom”.  This is the sound that you are looking for.

The truss rod turns and this is absolutely adjustable.  However all  of our Stingray Basses are professionally set up and this plays incredible already.

The body is dated December 27 1976 and the neck is dated January 3rd 1977.  This was one of the first Stingray Basses made in early 1977.  The serial number is B002889 and the bass weighs 11 pounds 12.4 ounces.

This is set up and plays, looks and sounds great!!!  All of our sales include Free Shipping and a FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  Call Today 404-372-5482

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1977 Stingray Bass White Pickups


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