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1977 Music Man Stingray Bass Sunburst B002661

1977 Music Man Stingray Bass Sunburst B002661

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1977 Music Man Stingray Bass Sunburst with a rare white pickguard and an original case.  This is a lightweight very early 1977 that is jam packed with mojo and sounds absolutely incredible.  This has been professionally set up by the Stingray Man at the Banjo Warehouse.  All of our sales include Free Shipping as well.  And all of our sales include a FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  CALL TODAY 404-372-5482

1977 Music Man Stingray Bass Sunburst B002661

This is a bass that absolutely has that early Stingray vibe.  This is oozing with tone.  This is a sunburst bass with the rare early white pickguard and has a 1 piece maple neck.  This is all original and everything works and sounds incredible.  Not only that the bass is set up and this plays like absolute butter.  This has the Long Pole John Holmes pickups with a thunder pocket and an epoxy preamp.  This also is a string through body.  This bass has all of the key elements that lead to a bass having the total and ultimate Stingray sound.

This is pretty worn but that adds to the vibe and mojo of this.  There is checking and some paint missing on the body and the neck has checking and some finish wear on the fretboard.  This only helps it because I’m sure a big part of the reason that it has the sound it does is because it was well broken in.

This also weighs only 9 pounds and 12 ounces.  The bass is dated January and February of 1977 making this one of the first basses in standard production.  The pots are dated 7646, 7621 and 7618 making them all 1976 pots.

This also includes an original case.  The two latches on the sides of the case have broken but the middle is working and holding strong and this is an original case.  This bass absolutely smokes!!!  This has been fully inspected and set up and includes our Full Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you have any questions at all please ask.  Thanks!!!

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