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Beginning Banjo Warm Up Series by Geoff Hohwald

Beginning Banjo Warm Up Series by Geoff Hohwald

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Beginning Banjo Warm Up Series by Geoff Hohwald

This course will help the student train the right hand to perform with the speed and accuracy that is essential to playing the 5 string banjo. The right hand is the driving force behind the three finger banjo style that is so popular today. Spending time to develop this technique now will pay big dividends in the future. During the video lessons, Geoff Hohwald will guide you through playing forward rolls at gradually increasing speeds. This teaching method has helped numerous beginner students to improve their right hand strength, speed, and accuracy. This course was designed to get the absolute beginner ready for the Banjo Primer Deluxe.  If you are new to the banjo the Beginning Banjo Warm Up Series will provide you with the proper foundation to get you going!!


Who is Geoff Hohwald?

Geoff Hohwald has been playing banjo since the 1960’s and has a large library of instructional materials available through Watch and Learn.  Geoff also operates www.banjocompass.com which has a tremendous amount of downloadable lesson material.  A lot of the lessons at www.banjocompass.com are free and these lessons can help anyone from the raw beginner to the experience pro improve their playing.

Why are Geoff Hohwald’s Banjo Books the Best Books?

A DVD or CD comes with each book which will aid in not only learning the banjo but also learning to play in correct time.  The books also use tablature, standard notation and chord diagrams for easy learning.  They start out with the most basic information and slowly progress from there.  If you are brand new or a veteran player the Geoff Hohwald banjo method can be a valuable tool to help with your progress.  If you want to learn to play the banjo you have come to the right place.


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