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What are “John Holmes” Stingray Bass Pickups

In the early days of Music Man up until roughly half way through 1977 Music Man pickups had pole pieces or magnets that extended down into the body.  These long pole pickups absolutely produced a different sound than the pickups with magnets that were flush against the bottom of the pickup casing.  The name that […]

What is a Music Man Radio Knob Stingray Bass?

1976 Music Man Stingray Bass Radio Knob Pre Ernie Ball B001976

What is a Music Man Radio Knob Stingray Bass? In 1976 Leo Fender and George Fullerton launched what would become a revolutionary design for the bass guitar known as the Music Man Stingray Bass.  In 1976 many of the Stingray Basses and guitars featured Radio Knobs instead of the knurled metal knobs that became standard […]