The Gold Tone OB150 Orange Blossom MASTERTONE 5-String Banjo

Gold Tone has again produced a banjo that delivers More Bang for the Buck in a serious way. This Banjo delivers the most BANG and POP of any Banjo that exists in this price range. The OB150 Mastertone Banjo is probably the finest example of a Mastertone Style Banjo that can be bought for around $1000. In fact this is the finest example of any kind of Banjo that can bought around $1000. This should be priced considerably higher due to the quality and true value yet it still is offered at a low price due to the strong character of the Gold Tone family.

Gold Tone has been dedicated to producing instruments that are not only Quality, but also come at a Value that is irresistible to the consumer. This process has been perfected by Gold Tone over 30 years beginning in 1993. There has been a consistent dedication to give the Banjo World products that otherwise would be unattainable at the price delivered. The OB150 Mastertone Banjo is one of the finest examples of this commitment to match Quality and Value that Gold Tone has taken on.

The OB150 is made in the style of the classic Mastertone Banjos. These include a Thick Maple Shell, One Piece Nickel Flange, and a 20 Hole Mastertone Style Tone Ring. These features are consistently used by the finest banjo builders to produce the Classic Bluegrass Sound. This model and design has become the standard for building the Best Bluegrass Banjo.

The Neck and Resonator are both Straight Grain Maple and this has a Rosewood Fretboard. The wood is beautiful with a Satin Finish that gives it a Vintage and Classic Vibe. These Features produce a Soft and Warm Tone which also is highly present and delivered at a Strong Volume. My Father Geoff Hohwald owned several music stores from the 1980’s to the 2000’s and a banjo like this would have cost easily $2500 at that time. It is beyond insane to think that now for just $1099 a Professional Quality Banjo can be acquired at any time. You can buy this banjo right now.

The Gold Tone OB150 also comes with a super high quality deluxe arch top hardshell case. This case alone is worth easily $200 new and completes the OB150 package in a serious way. This is not just a strong value on a banjo, this gives the Banjo Player everything they need to get to jams and gigs while protecting this banjo entirely.

It is often difficult for the new Banjo player to make a decision on which Banjo to buy. The Gold Tone Mastertone OB150 solves that problem. This is especially true if you buy from Banjo Warehouse. We offer FREE SHIPPING and a 7 Day FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. There is no way to lose on this deal and I have yet to encounter an unhappy customer with this Banjo.

On top of this Geoff Hohwald is a world renowned Banjo Teacher and has a complete line of Banjo Instruction that starts off with the raw beginner and goes into Professional Level Playing. If you contact Banjo Warehouse and mention this Blog we will include a FREE Banjo Primer Deluxe. For $1099 you will receive the best value on a $1099 Banjo, a Deluxe Case, Free Shipping and Strong Banjo instruction.

If you are the type of player that wants to Sound Big and Spend Small this Banjo is for you.

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