Geoff Hohwald has been playing banjo since the 1960’s. He quickly became active in the bluegrass community in Ohio as a teenager and has played with a number of bands ever since.

Geoff is also the author of the Banjo Primer Deluxe instructional book package on top of dozens of other banjo lesson books. Geoff is the owner and talent for www.banjocompass.com which provides a massive selection of banjo lessons. Many of the lessons are free.

Geoff is also one of the owners of the Watch and Learn publishing company. They publish a full line of musical instrument instruction on book, dvd, and cd.

Geoff also owned several music stores from the 1980’s to around 2000 and was an active participant in the Atlanta musical instrument resale community. Geoff can play the guitar, banjo and mandolin. 

Banjo Warehouse is the result of 50 years of experience in music on top of 40 years of experience in musical instrument retail sales and education.

Our focus is on the 5 string flathead banjo but we also have a good selection of guitars and mandolins.

Banjo Warehouse has the largest selection of Pre Owned Professional Grade Banjos on the planet.

All of our instruments are professionally set up at the Banjo Warehouse. Our set up includes adjusting the instrument action properly, proper intonation and proper adjustment of the head tension. This set up will dramatically improve the playability and sound of your banjo. All guitars and mandolins are also professionally set up.

Please check out www.banjocompass.com, www.guitarcompass.com, www.cvls.com (Watch and Learn), and call anytime at 404-218-8580 even if you just want to talk about music.

Our goal is to provide the best quality musical instrument for any level of player and fully satisfy all of our customers. We have one location 5 minutes north of the Atlanta airport and regularly have customers fly in to check us out. We also have a banjo showroom in beautiful Yellow Springs, Ohio. Call to schedule an appointment at either location. 

Thanks for checking out the Banjo Warehouse and keep on pickin’!!!

Geoff Hohwald


We not only stock a large selection of banjos we are highly experienced in banjo identification, set up and shipping.

This team can guarantee that you will get the banjo that you want and it will arrive safely at your location.