Banjo Warehouse offers a 7-day Full Satisfaction Guarantee.  Upon receiving the item the buyer has 7 days to inspect the item and if for any reason they want to return the item, Banjo Warehouse will take a return. 

The buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges including packaging and insurance. Upon damage free inspection, buyer will receive a refund $125 less than the amount of the purchase price to cover seller’s shipping costs.



We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, cash, and cashier’s checks. We do not store our customer’s payment details.


Professional Setup

We take every banjo apart and use a high powered buffer to clean the metal. This is the only way to get the metal to like-new condition.
We then clean and wax all the wood, oil the fretboard, put a new head, new strings and a bridge on. The banjo is then carefully reassembled before final inspection.
The neck is adjusted, correct intonation, we tighten the head and play every banjo to make sure it’s good.