Nechville Banjos

Launched by Tom Nechville in the late 1980s, Nechville Banjos led the way in innovative designs. These beautifully crafted instruments combine modern, patented designs with the classic tones of the traditional banjo. With a broader neck than the average banjo, Nechville banjos are remarkably comfortable to play.

Nechville banjos open a world of innovative designs with an adaptable sound range capable of producing traditional or modern tunes. The groundbreaking neck design has earned the company accolades from across the music industry. The neck attachment enables a broad range of weights and heights, ensuring the head is always flawlessly tensioned.

Timber-tronic tone rings enable a quick change from one set of tones to another. You too can join the privileged Nechville banjo-playing world when you invest in one of these impeccable machines.

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