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$ 6,399.00

Very Clean and All Original Stelling Golden Cross 5 string Banjo

$ 3,399.00

Super Clean 1978 Stelling Whitestar 5 string Banjo with Original Case.   Bluegrass Powerhouse!!

$ 3,499.00

Very Clean Stelling Whitestar Banjo with Original Hardshell Case in Good Shape.  POP POP BANG!!!

$ 4,999.00

Very Clean 1991 Stelling Red Fox 5 string Banjo with Clean Original Hardshell Case.

$ 7,999.00

Gorgeous Stelling Master's Cross, All Original with Original Stelling Case.  These are top of the line and this is set up and ready to go!

$ 5,349.00

Beautiful Stelling Sunflower 5 string Banjo made by Geoff Stelling in the USA

$ 6,299.00

Very Clean 2004 Stelling Golden Cross Curly Maple 5 string Banjo.

$ 5,299.00

Very Clean and All Original 2008 Stelling Red Fox Banjo with Tony Pass Rim and Original Stelling Case.

$ 5,499.00

Very Rare 1989 Stelling Moonflower 5 string Banjo, Made for only 2 Years!!!  Gorgeous and Beautiful Sounding Banjo.