Our Mission at Banjo Warehouse is to provide hard to find Used Banjos in as close to New Condition as possible.  Almost every Banjo that comes into the Banjo Warehouse receives a several hour cleaning to transform it into the Stunning Musical Instrument that you see on our website.

We disassemble the banjo and buff the metal with a high powered buffing wheel which makes the hardware glow.  We also wax the wood to a nice shine, oil the fretboard and put a new head and strings on the banjo.

We also will clean your banjo in this fashion which will not only make it look better but a clean banjo will sound better and is worth more money.  Sound is vibration and the gunk that can build up on a banjo will impact the way your banjo is vibrating.  Ultimately anything that improves vibration in your banjo will also improve sound.  Finally a buyer will pay more money for a Banjo that is in its top cosmetic condition.

Banjo Cleaning starts at $250 and includes a new Remo Frosted head and new Huber Strings.  We also professionally set the banjo up after it has been cleaned.  Some Banjos will cost more than $250 to clean and set up particularly if it has Gold Hardware. 

Here are some before and after pictures of some banjos that were cleaned at the Banjo Warehouse in Atlanta.

1990 Greg Deering Limited

1995 Gibson Earl Scruggs