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Gold Tone Ukulele Banjos

Gold Tone ukulele banjos are similar to the tenor banjo, but with a shorter scale length and wider fingerboard. These banjos are perfect for players who prefer the lower tones and chordal accompaniment of a ukulele.

Ukuleles are charming and portable string instruments that hold a unique space in the world of music. Originally from Hawaii, ukuleles have seen a worldwide surge in popularity in recent years. Our extensive ukulele collection caters to all types of music enthusiasts – from beginners to professional musicians.

Keep in mind that we nearly always have various banjos in stock that haven’t yet made it to our website listings. Give us a call at 404-218-8580.

$ 649.99

Brand New Gold Tone Banjolele Deluxe Banjo Ukulele.  Includes Resonator and Gig Bag.  Extraordinary Value on a Banjo Ukulele!!!