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$ 5,699.00

2006 Gibson JD Crowe Blackjack 5 string Banjo with Original Case

$ 3,399.00

1926 Gibson TB3 5 string Banjo conversion with Pre War Gibson 40 Hole Tone Ring

$ 4,499.00

Incredible Playing and Sounding and Rare 1989 Rich era RB250. This has the Kulesh Senior AFP Tone Ring and a Deluxe Gibson Hardshell Case.  Super Cool.

$ 4,999.00

2002 Gibson RB75 in Fantastic and All Original Case.  Includes Original Paperwork (Receipt and Warranty).

$ 3,999.00

Pre War Gibson Ball Bearing 5 string conversion Banjo in Great shape!

$ 5,999.00

This is the Prototype for the Gibson Earl Scruggs 49 Classic that was produced during the Greg Rich era.

$ 4,399.00

Very Cool and Overall Very Clean Earl Scruggs 49 Classic Banjo.  There was a neck repair which is nearly invisible.  This will deliver the Mastertone sound you seek!!!

Shopping for your first banjo?

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Gold Tone Banjo. It has everything you need to know about different types of banjos, the parts of the banjo, and an extensive glossary of terms.

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$ 5,199.00

Very Clean 1983 Stelling Sunflower Curly Maple 5 string Banjo.

$ 5,999.00

Very Clean 2001 Stelling Golden Cross Curly Maple 5 string Banjo.

$ 3,249.00

Very Clean and Light Weight Stelling Afton Star Banjo.

$ 499.00

Deering Goodtime Americana 5 string Banjo in Original Box

$ 1,799.00

Professional Quality 5 string Bluegrass Banjo with Upgraded JLS Tone Ring.  Includes Hardshell Case

$ 575.00

FLOOR MODEL Gold Tone CC Tenor 4 string Tenor Banjo

$ 1,099.00

High Quality Gold Tone Tenor Banjo with Resonator.  Gold Tone Quality Meets Value.

$ 649.00

FLOOR MODEL 19 Fret Gold Tone Irish Tenor with Gig Bag.  A great sound combined with beautiful inlay work at a killer price!

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