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$ 3,399.00

1926 Gibson TB3 5 string Banjo conversion with Pre War Gibson 40 Hole Tone Ring

Shopping for your first banjo?

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Gold Tone Banjo. It has everything you need to know about different types of banjos, the parts of the banjo, and an extensive glossary of terms.

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$ 349.99

Gold Tone brings back the high-quality, low-priced beginner Bluegrass banjo!

$ 349.99

The Cripple Creek CC-50 is an entry-level banjo designed for easy learning, specifically designed to play effortlessly, sound great and be affordable.

$ 949.99

The Recording King Madison RK-R36 is for every banjo player looking for a high-quality, great-sounding instrument that won't break the bank.

$ 149.99

Winner of the "Best in Show" award at Summer NAMM 2018, these Little Gem Banjo Ukes feature a composite see-through plastic rim and resonator and are available in 4 "gem" colors (Diamond,Ā Amethyst,Ā Sapphire, andĀ Ruby)

$ 1,799.99

The "plus" in the OB-250+TP is the ultra-premium JLS #12 tone ring.

$ 999.99

"Pre-war" style, at a price anyone can afford, AND authentic tone and superb playability describe the OB-150.

$ 549.99

The CC-100R plus is a newbie player's dream come true.

$ 1,599.99

Left-handed Mastertoneā„¢ OT-800: Old Time Tubaphone-Style Banjo with Case The Old Tone OT-800 pays homage to one of the most sought-after banjos of the “classic” period (1890 to 1930) when the Boston School of banjo making was the highest expression of the art. The pot sports a pre-WW II-style Tubaphone tone ring, which adds pleasing [...]

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