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Gold Tone offers an exquisite selection of high-quality, yet affordable, banjos.

$ 619.99

Gold Tone's unique mando-guitars have expanded the sound pallets of thousands of players, and this latest addition to the range offers the singular sound of the F-6 at a great price.

$ 629.99

The Gold Tone AC-6 Banjitar packs a punch like no other entry-level banjo guitar.

$ 749.99

A Gold Tone mainstay for decades, over twenty-five thousand Cripple Creek banjos have been sent into Banjoland to bring happiness to pickers around the world.

$ 749.99

This variant of the venerable CC-100R features a generous nut width of 1 and 5/16" (1/8" wider than that of standard Cripple Creek models). The rolled brass tone ring and the tension hoop are thicker than those previously used, increasing the mass of the pot assembly. This results in a more powerful sound.

$ 499.99

The Cripple Creek Mini (CC-Mini) Is just like the phenomenally popular CC-100, only smaller.

Original price was: $ 999.99.Current price is: $ 799.00.

FLOOR MODEL Gold Tone BZ-1000: Guitar-Bodied Bouzouki Mandolin with Case

Original price was: $ 629.99.Current price is: $ 599.00.

Fantastic and Affordable Beginner Plectrum Banjo from Gold Tone.

Original price was: $ 629.99.Current price is: $ 575.00.

Fantastic Starter Openback A Scale Clawhammer 5 string Banjo.  Complete with gig bag and Instruction this is the complete Beginner Package.

Original price was: $ 3,799.00.Current price is: $ 3,099.00.

The Gold Tone Béla Fleck Bluegrass Heart Banjo is a true HIGH END Banjo that is part of the Gold Tone Mastertone line.

Original price was: $ 1,899.99.Current price is: $ 1,599.99.

Left-handed Mastertone™ OT-800: Old Time Tubaphone-Style Banjo with Case The Old Tone OT-800 pays homage to one of the most sought-after banjos of the “classic” period (1890 to 1930) when the Boston School of banjo making was the highest expression of the art. The pot sports a pre-WW II-style Tubaphone tone ring, which adds pleasing [...]

$ 699.99

Hugely popular during the heyday (1920-1930) of mandolin and banjo orchestras and clubs, the cheerful tinkle of the banjolin floated at the top of the range and usually carried the melody

Original price was: $ 449.99.Current price is: $ 349.99.

Gold Tone brings back the high-quality, low-priced beginner Bluegrass banjo!