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Beginner Gold Tone Banjos

Gold Tone offers an exquisite selection of high-quality, yet affordable, banjos specifically designed for beginners. These instruments offer exceptional playability and rich, warm tones that enable new players to explore the world of banjo music with ease and confidence.

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, these beginner-friendly banjos are equipped with user-friendly features, such as adjustable necks and comfortable fingerboards, to provide a smooth learning experience. Discover the joy of banjo playing with our carefully curated range of Beginner Gold Tone banjos, and embark on your musical journey in style.

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$ 619.99

Gold Tone's unique mando-guitars have expanded the sound pallets of thousands of players, and this latest addition to the range offers the singular sound of the F-6 at a great price.

$ 449.99

Gold Tone brings back the high-quality, low-priced beginner Bluegrass banjo!

$ 749.99

A Gold Tone mainstay for decades, over twenty-five thousand Cripple Creek banjos have been sent into Banjoland to bring happiness to pickers around the world.

$ 439.99

The Cripple Creek CC-50 is an entry-level banjo designed for easy learning, specifically designed to play effortlessly, sound great and be affordable.

$ 499.99

The Cripple Creek Mini (CC-Mini) Is just like the phenomenally popular CC-100, only smaller.

$ 549.99

The CC-100R plus is a newbie player's dream come true.

$ 1,799.99

The "plus" in the OB-250+TP is the ultra-premium JLS #12 tone ring.

$ 199.99

Winner of the "Best in Show" award at Summer NAMM 2018, these Little Gem Banjo Ukes feature a composite see-through plastic rim and resonator and are available in 4 "gem" colors (DiamondAmethystSapphire, and Ruby)

$ 629.99

The Absolute BEST Value on a Beginner 5 string Bluegrass Banjo.  Complete with Resonator that banjo features EVERYTHING the starter Bluegrass Player needs in a Beginner Banjo.

$ 899.99

New Gold Tone MC 150 R/P 5 string Banjo.  This is the Maple Classic and is an exceptional Value on an Intermediate Quality Banjo

$ 1,249.99

"Pre-war" style, at a price anyone can afford, AND authentic tone and superb playability describe the OB-150.