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Bluegrass Resonator Banjos

Bluegrass banjos are designed for bluegrass music but are sometimes used for other types of music as well. The resonator on the back re-directs sound toward the front of the banjo, making it significantly louder. Resonators also help to create a tone that is deeper and more complex, a characteristic of bluegrass banjos.

Five-string banjos that lack a resonator are referred to as “open back” banjos, frequently played in “clawhammer” style, while finger picks are normally used to play bluegrass banjos.

$ 3,399.00

1926 Gibson TB3 5 string Banjo conversion with Pre War Gibson 40 Hole Tone Ring

$ 3,799.00

1927 Gibson TB3 5 string conversion Banjo with Original Raised Head No Hole Tone Ring

$ 3,499.00

1932 Gibson TB1 5 string conversion Banjo and Restoration

$ 4,499.00

RARE Deluxe Edition 1960's Fender Concertone Banjo with Factory Scruggs Tuners, Engraving and Geared 5th string Peg.

$ 799.00

Gorgeous Blonde Conrad Denver Belle Clone Made in Japan.

$ 2,999.00

Super Clean 1978 Stelling Whitestar 5 string Banjo with Original Case.   Bluegrass Powerhouse!!

$ 2,499.00

Super Cool Vintage ODE Style C 5 string Banjo with Archtop Case.  MADE IN USA.

$ 7,999.00

1981 Stelling Staghorn, Flagship Model of the Stelling Line.  All Original and Very Clean with Original Hardshell Case

$ 10,000.00

1984 Stelling 10th Anniversary Masterpiece 5 string Banjo Gold Plated and Engraved

$ 4,499.00

Incredible Playing and Sounding and Rare 1989 Rich era RB250. This has the Kulesh Senior AFP Tone Ring and a Deluxe Gibson Hardshell Case.  Super Cool.

$ 1,299.00

This model was the precursor to the Deering Sierra and is a Banger for the Price.  Includes Hardshell Case.

$ 4,999.00

Very Clean 1991 Stelling Red Fox 5 string Banjo with Clean Original Hardshell Case.