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Gold Tone Mini/Travel Banjos

Gold Tone mini/travel banjos are a type of banjo that is designed to be smaller and more portable than a traditional banjo. These banjos are perfect for players who want to practice or perform on-the-go, without sacrificing the sound and quality of a full-sized banjo.

One of the defining features of Gold Tone mini/travel banjos is their compact size. They are typically around 19-21 inches long and weigh only a few pounds, making them easy to carry and play anywhere. Despite their small size, these banjos produce a rich, full-bodied sound that is perfect for practice or performance.

Keep in mind that we nearly always have various banjos in stock that haven’t yet made it to our website listings. Give us a call at 404-218-8580.

Original price was: $ 759.99.Current price is: $ 599.99.

Fantastic Miniature 5 string Banjo that can be used as a Children's or Travel Banjo.  Includes Gold Tone Hardshell Case.

$ 399.99

The Plucky is a backpacker's dream weighing in at only two pounds!

Gold Tone mini/travel banjos are available in a variety of styles, including 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string models, as well as open-back and closed-back designs. Some models also feature additional hardware, such as tone controls and on-board preamps, which further enhance their versatility and sound quality. Overall, Gold Tone mini/travel banjos are an excellent choice for players who want a high-quality banjo that is easy to take with them wherever they go. They are suitable for players of all skill levels and musical styles and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable, versatile banjo.