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Japanese Banjos

The Japanese deservedly have a reputation for top-quality craftsmanship. Japanese banjos are no exception. They are beautifully crafted instruments and have the clear tone that you’d expect from quality banjo. Many of the Japanese Mastertone style banjos were so good they are often referred to by players and collectors as “Masterclones”.

Japan boasts the world’s second-largest music industry after the United States. This civilization has played stringed instruments for centuries, including their traditional banjo the Shamisen. Today, the Japanese have a large Bluegrass following.

Now, American tradition meets Japanese precision in a collection of banjos that will satisfy the musical bent of seasoned players and eager newcomers. You’ll find evidence of the Japanese pursuit of perfection in any of these worthy instruments.

Keep in mind that we nearly always have various banjos in stock that haven’t yet made it to our website listings. Give us a call at 404-218-8580.

$ 1,499.99

Gorgeous Vintage Japanese Made Alvarez Whyte Eagle 5 string Banjo